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Posted by Kenneth Lowman on August 12, 2014
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Are you ready to pick up your next luxury home in Las Vegas for 50% off?  Well, not so fast.  It’s all relative.  What if the Las Vegas or Henderson luxury home was originally priced at more than twice what it was worth?  What if you bought it at 50% off only to discover that you had overpaid?  Let’s use this extreme example of a Jackson Hole, WY ranch that was originally priced at $100 million.  After two price cuts the luxury property is now listed at $48.7 million, more than 50% off.  It remains unsold.  In another case, I recently sold a Las Vegas luxury home in Eagle Hills that received three offers the first weekend it was on the market.  It sold for $1000 over its $1 million asking price and that buyer made a smart purchase.  Before you overpay for your next luxury home in Las Vegas or let the well priced deal slip away, contact me.  I’m an expert who can give you solid and trusted advice.

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