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Posted by Kenneth Lowman on August 14, 2014
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Recent news reports have Zillow purchasing Trulia in a $3.5 billion cash and stock deal.  Together with these three sites are the biggest names in online real estate listings.  What will this merger hold for the future of the Las Vegas luxury home market?  Since these sites sell advertising to Realtors, many Brokers worry that their costs will go up.  Others argue that in the growing mobile ad market there is still plenty of growth potential.  One thing I have found from personal experience in the Las Vegas and Henderson luxury home market is that while both sites can capture buyers, neither does a very good job of estimating a custom luxury home’s market value.  The problem is that these sites use computer algorithms that don’t account for views, amenities, uniqueness, design and desirability.  In other words, they miss the human element that a knowledgeable luxury home Broker brings to the table.  If you need a reliable estimate on the value of your Las Vegas luxury home, contact a luxury home sales expert!

Trulia Zillow

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